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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

It might be helpful to define a few terms for guys.

1) Orgasm=the rthymic contractions of that little (wonderful!) muscle between the scrotum and anus.

2) 'Pre cum'=that misleading little term to differentiate the stuff that comes out before orgasm from the stuff that comes out during orgasm/ejaculation. It's misleading because the stuff in it is basically the same, the only difference is the amount. As an FYI, there are gazillions of sperm in 'pre cum'.

3) Ejaculation=the spurting/dribbling of semen during orgasm (=the rhythmic contraction of 'that' muscle between the scrotum and anus).

4) Circumcision=the removal of the foreskin (=the covering over the glans or 'head'). Exposes the glans, also leaves a brown ring around the penis about 1/3 way down.

5) Raphe=the brown line that runs the length of the penis, on the underside. Normal, we all have it, from the time before birth when the penis developed.

6) Balls do not 'Drop', there is no such term. Testicles descend into the scrotum before birth. They stay there in the same place, in the same position thru life. They only get bigger during puberty. They also do not change size before, during, or after ejaculation.

7) While we're clarifying some myths, there is nothing accurate about the term 'blue balls'. They are not 'blue', they never turn 'blue'. If you are really excited over a long period of time and do not ejaculate, all that 'stuff' goes back to where it came from and everything goes back to the way it was before. Sometimes there's discomfort from not ejaculating, but this is more because of excitement and anticipation, not anything really physical. No harm comes from arousal without ejaculation, and nothing changes color.

8) Whatever size you are now, you can expect to be about 6" when you're fully grown, when puberty ends around 20. There is nothing to do about this but wait.

9) Your penis can bend slightly to either side, point up or down. It's all OK and doesn't affect performance or pleasure for you or your partner.

10) Good girls don't care whatsoever about your penis, what it looks like, what size it is, if it's with foreskin or not. The great thing about love is that it truly is blind. Mercifully, girls are more tolerant of us than we are of ourselves, they actually love us with all our insecurities. If you find one who doesn't, rush out the door.

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