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How can i refine this??
If they don't TRUST Bush then yes, they are. Europe trusting him and hating him are two different things. Don't get those crossed. You have to trust your leader. He is looking out for his country's citizens safety. Just like with the Iraq war. He told the truth. He was presented with the evidence, announced what he read to the world, and then went to war. He certainly isn't trying to plummet us into an economic depression.
We did win the war in Iraq. We beat down the Iraqi forces, caught Saddam and we won. But as you say, we haven't won "THE WAR ON TERRORISM" Which isn't really a real war but you get the drift.
Of course he is going to force his beliefs on others. That is what i am doing to you, and you are doing to me. Forcing each others beliefs on the other one.
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