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Originally Posted by Icantdance1994 View Post
it would be considered the real thing in a sense since there is a small amout of sperm in it.
I disagree. Precum can have a small amount of sperm in it, but it is not made like seminal fluid is, because precum lubricates/cleans the urethra, but seminal fluid nourishes the sperm. That's like saying urine is the real thing, because it could catch a few sperm in it aswell.

See not many of you people tell us whether whatever comes out comes out after you orgasm or not. If some fluid comes out during masturbation or before, it's not a premature ejaculation. That is what is called precum. Precum is a fluid that lubricates and cleans the tube (urethra) that both the urine and semen travel through, because left-over urine inside the urethra is so acidic that it can kill a few sperm on ejaculation.

escaflowne78, if you orgasmed, or had this rush that feels really good when the fluid squirted out, it's cum and that's all there is to it. If it was clear, it just hasn't turned white yet. If it's white, then you're more developed. This cum is the real thing no matter what.

If you had no rush, then it's most likely precum that squirted out and not cum, so it's not the real thing, because precum and cum are both different.

But for future reference all people should tell us whether they had an orgasm or not, because it makes things so much less confusing to explain and we don't want to give you the wrong info.
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