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Originally Posted by escaflowne78 View Post
ya, uh i started masterbating about 2 years ago.....and simply...i dont know if im doing it right. i do the hole getting ready and thinking about ..."you know"...and then it pops up...i grab and go up and down...i get a feeling of tingle after about roughly a minute or more depending on what im thinking...and then a bit of cum squirts out...i stop after that and clean up the little bit i that precum or the real thing...?
that would be a little bit of pre cum. Pre cum is the stuff that comes out and lubes up the inside so it's easier for the real thing to come out. it would be considered the real thing in a sense since there is a small amout of sperm in it.

how can you tell if you are cut or uncute?
Well one way would be to ask your parents if you were cut ut the easiest way is to look at it in the mirror and if you can see the head (or otherwise known as the glands) that means you are cut.

If you are uncut then you won't see the glands.

Originally Posted by Brighter.Tomorrow View Post
Hello again VirtualTeen. you blackhole.

No tears to cry
No feelings left
This species has
Amused itself to death

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