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Originally Posted by maximan
Originally Posted by nwshc
It's only true for you radical D's and tree huggers.
So anyone who doesn't trust Bush anymore is a radical democrat or a tree hugger?
You all say he lies and and of this stupid shit. He didn't
"o, he said Iraq had WMD's, but they didn't so he lies to the country"
No he didn't. Every major federal group said and had proof that Saddam had WMD's. Do you think Bush paid of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service etc? No. He went to war because they presented papers to Bush saying that Iraq did have them and was backed up by credible evidence. Will all of the overwhelming evidence and suggestions Bush declared war. So don't blame everything on Bush as you are all doing. Blame it on every federal agency.
The tree huggers will all hate him automatically because the Republicans have a rep for not helping them. So they resent that and blame it on Bush.
The Radical D's can never think rationally and weigh the pros and cons. With them if its someone from another party, BOOM. They jump all over em with excuses and propaganda. So no matter what the republican thinks, hes already on the naughty list.
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