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Default Re: Depressed about sexual confusion

I can see what you mean a little clearer now..
Mainly, if I start "embracing" my fear (as my mom says.) I feel that I'll be absorbed in it. I just don't know what's going on... I'm confused and desperate for my hormonal imbalance to settle itself down. It's just fluctuating emotions most of the time. I'll start to get irrational thoughts, and it's not like this is the first one.
First it was Cancer.. That ended in a few years.
Then it was some unknown virus that disfigured my skin. To be honest, I don't even know why I was afraid of that one now..
Then it was Diabetes. I've got friends who are diabetic and I'd be crushed if it happened to me.
Now it's homosexuality. I've got reasonable, and logical explanations to my confusion, but half of the time.. I let my anxiety symptoms push all of the logic out of my mind.

I'm fourteen.
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