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Originally Posted by naglfari View Post
The point is everyone from a abrahamic religion is claiming they were told everything by god or one of his angels. The catholic church even says that the pope talks directly with god today

What makes one any more likely than another?
As a, well, fairly unbiased atheist, I can say that the Quran is more scientifically accurate than the Bible.

The Bible refers to the Earth as flat ("four corners") while the Quran refers to the Earth as rounded.

The Quran refers to the orbits of the moon, sun, and earth.

The Quran also refers, in a scientifically accurate way, to altitude sickness and the formation of groundwater, which weren't scientifically explained until later. This is as opposed to the Bible, which refers to the earth as stagnant and the moon as a light source (like the sun).

Simply based upon the scientific truths seen in the Quran, I would say Islam is more likely to be true than Christianity.

But...I'm an atheist anyways

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