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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
bras keep your boobs from sagging. the only time i dont wear a bra is when i'm in the shower, because i want them to stay perky. and i dont want guys to know what my nipples look like, because theyre as small as guy nipples. and i feel flat chested without a tiny bit of padding. if your bra is uncomfortable, you should buy a new one because i guess that yours are too small. i dont feel comfortable without one. if you dont wear a bra, people can tell. and they will talk.

That's a lie - bras promote boobs sagging by not letting your natural ligaments and tissues do their job - the bra makes them atrophy - really boobs are going to sag, that's just gravity, but the bra will result in more sag than without
There are enough studies on that- also bra uses increases the chance of breast cancer etc by restricting the natural movement of the breasts so the lymphatic system in that part of the body doesn't move the way it should

I go bra free most of the time because I have little boobs and enjoy it
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