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that would be a local server connection without sharing a hub. and the max is really depending on ur LAN... I have a Gb LAN myself, so its uncapped if I want to connect directly to a server without sharing bandwidth. and also, let me get something straight with some of u

B - byte - term used for measuring storage (8 bits)
b - bit - term used for measuring network speed

KB - kilobyte - 1024 bytes
Kb (kb) - kilobit - 1000 bits

MB - Megabyte - 1024 kilobytes
Mb (mb) - Megabit - 1000 kilobits

*/s - per second

Down - download speed
Up - upload speed

Normal cable modems:

768 Kb/s DOWN and 128 Kb/s UP
1.5 Mb/s DOWN and 128 Kb/s UP
2 Mb/s DOWN and 192 Kb/s UP

High-speed cable modems:

2.5 Mb/s DOWN and 192 Kb/s UP
3 Mb/s DOWN and 256 Kb/s UP
4 Mb/s DOWN and 256 Kb/s UP

Server cable modems:

2 Mb/s DOWN and 3 Mb/s UP
3 Mb/s DOWN and 5 Mb/s UP
5 Mb/s DOWN and 8 Mb/s UP

**Most cable modems today are indeed Full-duplex and do not slow down when transfering data by such means.
If your ISP only has Half-duplex service, then download speed should have slightly higher capabilities BUT probably wont operate higher because of the priority of the DNS/WIN and FTP server connections.

... and one more thing - Dont get DSL PPPoE unless its ur last and only choice other than dial-up (the MTU is only 1492 and will disconnect if fragmented packets keep coming in because u have the MTU set at 1496 or 1500)

and btw, most of u are probably getting confused with Kb/s being Mb/s... theres no way that wireless internet is 100 Mb/s + because that would be an enormus strain on the servers, and would be nearly impossible due to the fact that wireless devices (unless emulated) can only recieve a max of 10 Mb/s down and 5 Mb/s Half-duplex.

aside from repairing and tuning computers, I also configure local networks and route looped services though areas so emulated remote access can be used. trust me, I know what I'm talking about

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