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ok, im calm... now let me explain some things

when ur putting in a video card DO NOT have the power supply plugged in on an ATX mobo!!! theres a hundred things that could go wrong with that since power is still flowing through it!

another thing, u cannot 'install' pci express! it only comes on mobos that have pci express built in to em... and u also have to check to make sure that the pci express is the right number, whether it be 1x 4x or 16x (which is kinda hard to mis interpret b/c of the size)
and if ur ordering for an AGP card, then u MUST know what AGP slot ur mobo has (4x 8x or 16x express) or else ur video card may fry as well as ur mobo

and to clarrify, the nVidia 6800 GT/Ultra is definitely not outdated... its the top of the line currently and probably for a long while. I know that it can easily handle any game made in 2004 and early 2005. I have the 6600 GT and i have no problems with it whatsoever! Its an amazing card with an astonishing fill rate and OMG the 64 bit texture blending is remarkable.

btw, the top nVidia works just as fine as the top ATI model at Direct3D 9.0c (at most a 3-4 fps diff) and yet has about a 30 fps boost when rendering in OpenGL while ATI actually bogs down and has junky OpenGL rendering. nVidia's the way to go. like I said, I have a 6600 GT model, and its the best thing Ive seen (especially the anti-aliasing)

I think that about wraps up what I wanted to say
oh wait, one more thing
. .
. . .
im done

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