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Originally Posted by maximan
It's just americans love their country in an arrogant way. Too many think we're the best (Canada is clearly better...its the US, with less violence). Toby Keith is a prime example of a flag waving retard, and arrogant. Just listen to his song "curtousy of the red white and blue" and you'll see why we piss everyone off.

And I'm from the US, and I have to say my favourite country is Canada. They're almost a carbon copy of the US, except they don't have a huge army because they dont need one...they don't go around the world pissing people off. I have sworn to myself that if we start another stupid war, I'm moving to either Canada or the Netherlands, simply becuase I went there and it was fucking AWESOME!
See, now you have pissed me off. Cosmos, this is why I stay out of these. Ignorant people who don't understand how good they have it. Why wait for another war to leave? Get out! If you have to say shit like that about this country, you don't deserve it. Boy, oh boy and now you try to offend Toby Keith. You obvoiusly have no idea what it is that he really does. You have not really listened to that song. It basically says "You come and mess with us and we go and kick your ass so don't fuck with us."

I'm not even going to try and convince you of anything. All I have to say, I can't wait for another "stupid" war to start and you put your money where your mouth is. Don't come crying back when you realize how much better it is.
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