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Originally Posted by aconfusedone
I disagree intelligence comes in different forms, good, bad, commonsence, and book smart.
Nwshc, intelligent people also listen to what other people have to say! they do not judge them purely on who they are!! everyone has a meaning in this world and can make a contribution to society!! AND no one is born unloving, it is when people hear comments about themselves that are vicious; hearing things like that obcessivly is what turns them that way!!! Im saying, if you continue to be mean to people, they will turn mean and vile! ACTIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS!!!
So does that mean that a terrorist soul purpose in society is to harm people?
People aren't born that way, but they are taught it!! Just like if you had parents that didn't like blacks. They would teach you from when you were little that blacks are bad and evil. Then you would grow up thinking that blacks were evil and it would take A LOT to change you.
What I'm trying to say is, people are taught this, not from hearing people call them losers.
Most of the terrorists in this world were brought up thinking that they are the best, or the religion is the best, and the only way to keep it the best is to kill everyone else.

And the people that use their intelligence for bad should be locked up forever. They could make such a difference in life if they used it towards good. They would have a much better quality life. By terrorists using their smarts towards evil, i do not consider them intelligent for that soul purpose.
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