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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

BOY: Im bored .. Lets play a Game.

GIRL: What game?

BOY: Picking of Pubic hair. Before i Pic Your Pubic Hair, I need to mention a Hero Then Before You Could Pick mine, You Need to Mention a Fruit...

GIRL: Ok game, Lets Start.

(They Removed their Clothes)

BOY: Jose Rizal (Picked a hair From the Girl)

GIRL: aww!.. Mango (Picked a hair From the Boy)

BOY: aww!.. Andres Bonifacio (Picked a hair From the Girl)

GIRL: awww!.. Apple (Picked a hair From the Boy)

BOY: awwww!" (Totally Hurts, He Cheated) Gomburza!( 3 Martyr Priests) (Picked 3 hairs From the Girl)

GIRL: aaaawww!.. So Cheating is allowed. Ok. .. Fruit salad!
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