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Originally Posted by popo92
very funny nwshc, it does a lot to call my grandma he. while were at it you may as well go fuck yur great grandmothers rotting corpse as you suck bushes cock!
I hope you get kicked off the site for that.

Anyways, If terrorists were "intelligent" they would use that intelligence for the greater good. Like curing Aids or making new pollutant free cars. But what do they do? They use that "Intelligence" do devise bombs, figure out a way to bypass airport security, and kill people. For that i do not consider them intelligent.

popo wrote:

think about it, not all the Iraqis are terrorists, they are just like you and me but in a bad country. they are intelligent, thinking, feeling, loving human beings.
Did we ever say ALL Iraqis were bad? No. Personally, i think they when they get on their feet, they will prosper. If they ever get on their feet, it will be an example that the terrorists lost and that those people can think for themselves and not have anyone control everything they do. The people who are not intelligent, thinking, feeling, loving humans are the terrorists. They kill many people and they make everyone shit their pants and the terrorists make normal people live their lives in fear. They need to all be transported to mars or something.

And popo, i will not read that because you have nothing good to contribute to anything.
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