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Originally Posted by popo92
think about it, not all the iraqis are terrorists, they are just like you and me but in a bad country. they are intelligent, thinking, feeling, loving human beings.
EXACTLY! I wasn't supporting the terrorists, I was just saying they aren't stupid, they're intelligent, even if it isn't in a good way. And I agree exactly with what I quoted popo saying about them being humans (the iraqis)

And cosmos, no i didn't unite us, it just made a lot more people patriotic flag waving retards, which I dont understand, because they were proud of their country...who just got bitchslapped on their own soil. I was certainly REALLY sad that sucked, and I knew a few people in NY (thankfully, they were all okay), but it didn't unite the nation. I didn't feel any better about our "Jesusland" country.
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