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Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
Prove to all of us that your god created humanity and I will drop the subject. Unfortunately, you can't prove anything.
"Proven fact" is redundant.
When you said "atheists hate on us because we are religious and sometimes unfriend us if we won't accept a point of view that means we'd have to drop our religion to accept that" I practically died laughing. Don't play the victim here. You act as if there is a war on religion. You confuse a war on religion with not getting what you want.
Asking me to forget the atrocities committed by religion is kind of like asking a people to forget the history of racism. Or like asking South Africans to forget apartheid.

You have officially convinced me that your god is a giant asshole. Allowing evil to occur when one has the power to stop it, is just as evil as perpetrating the crime.

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i understand how you feel. i know that it's hard to accept a religion with so much hate and violence. but then again, you have to not lump everyone into the same category, like all religious people are hypocrites and all. depending on which generation and which time period they were raised in, they act a certain way. like the old generations may think that gay marriage is wrong, but for us, we find it perfectly alright. Why? because we are more knowledgeable and we are taught to believe that everyone has the right to get married, regardless of sexual orientation.

Originally Posted by LikeAJay View Post
Sorry but religion srperates everyone.
what do you mean it divides everyone? sure it gives people a different name, but everyone should treat each other with respect.

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