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Originally Posted by IAMWILL View Post
Seems like you were already convinced of that before this conversation even started.
Well, you got me there. Even though it doesn't appear to be, I did initially come to this conversation with an open mind, a willingness to be convinced otherwise. I have tried my best to maintain an open mind throughout the debate. It's really hard to do when we both probably roll our eyes at each others's posts.

In the end, it all comes down to a stalemate. When it comes to the existence of a god and its morals, neither side can prove their point. You believe your god is real, I continue to doubt your god's existence until you prove it.

When it comes to the morality of your god, things practically boil down to pure perspective. You view your god as good, I view your god as evil and vindictive.
If I were to whiteness someone being murdered or raped, I would do all in power to stop the perpetrator. I view it as the right thing to do. I would not think to myself "well, everybody has their own choices to make. Their lives, their free will." I would think more along the lines of "holy shit, that person is attacking that man/woman, I'm going to try and stop the violence."
The who/what/where/when doesn't matter, idly standing by while another suffers is a crime against the world.
That is what your god does: stands idly by while the world suffers. That is a truly heinous offense.
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