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Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
This is a debate thread. Bring facts.
You basically called out Christianity as being evil and illegitimate.
0.00027% is less than 10%. It's not even half a percent.
Would you please explain how you view what your god is?
Your god is not equivalent to love. If your god was love, there wouldn't be a so-called "hell". There wouldn't be all the pain and suffering that there is in the world. Your god would have the power to stop all the pain, but your god chooses not to. Your god is practically malevolent.
Why don't you refer to your god with a gender neutral or non-binary pronoun?
I've been bringing facts the entire time, you haven't. You simply are ignoring all the facts I am showing and saying they aren't true. You also need to go study up on your statistics, the poll I presented is completely legitimate.

You clearly didn't interpret my post correctly, I did not call out Christianity as being evil and legitimate at all.

I view God as love. I see God in people and in the beauty of nature. It simply not something I can explain in one sentence.

You're wrong. God doesn't do evil, he only allows it to happen. That is the concept of free will. Again, you are trying to envision God as a big guy in the sky who personally causes disasters or famine. God doesn't control the weather or natural phenomena, or what a country's leader decides to do.

Because I follow formal writing techniques. Bring that question up with the people that formate MLA, not me.

Also, here is the Catholic Church's official view on most non-Christian religions:

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