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Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
That poll is not only out of date, but it only polled 0.00027% of the US population.
Humans created religion, not a god.
I'm also pretty certain that the Bhakti god is not representational of your god. The same goes for the other thousands of gods throughout history.
Who are you to say what religions are legitimate or not?
Children and young adults will also be atheists or agnostics because they are critical thinkers and begin to question.
Also, how do you know your god is a "he"?
The poll is 2 years old, that is not out of date. Look at the other info. 92% is the lowest it has even been when they polled people, every other time it has been >94%. The poll satisfies all conditions for a legitimate survey. All participants were randomly chosen, their answers were independent of one another, and the sample size was <10% of the population. If you have taken a course in statistics you will know that the poll completely qualifies to be representative of the US population. Provide an equally legitimate poll that proves this one wrong if you don't believe it.

Technically yes humans created religion, but God inspired it. I should have stated it that way.

You are still trying to portray and comprehend God as a single entity. To do so is impossible. God is love. That is one of the shortest ways I could put it to ya. I will give you a better answer later, if you would like, I'm short on time for now.

I consider any religion that subscribes to beliefs that are objectively evil as illegitimate. There is subjective truth and objective truth. Just because a person or group of people believe something is right, does not make it right. For example, slavery, although subjectively correct in the eyes of many during its time, is objective wrong. Just as murder, the killing of an innocent human being, is objectively wrong. Clearly I am not some authority on religions, but be reminded that everything I am posting is my opinion, not necessarily fact.

I never stated they wouldn't become atheists/agnostics. I have no problem with atheists, as long as they have truly given God a chance. I hope you are not suggesting that all people who are critical thinkers and ask questions about their beliefs will become atheist/agnostic.

Referring to God as "He" is practice in formal writing, whether you belief in Him or not.

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