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Default The Ignorance of Strangers

She started out whispering the words in a strangers ear.
Soft, subtle noises, barely distinguishable from the wind, that would gently touch your heart and your conscience as the passed. She was so unsure about what she was doing, she would question herself again and again if she had the right to tell people, if it was 'allowed'.
But the pain got worse, and still nobody stopped walking. The strangers had more important places to be, people of a higher priority to listen to...
So her voice got louder.
She grabbed a stranger as they knocked her arm and she no longer whispered. She spoke, loud and desperate, staring straight into their eyes with her hands clutching at their heart. They listened because they had no other choice, but their main concern was the pain in their arm from where she was holding them. When she was done, with no more words left to cry, they walked on, looking for a pain killer in their bag.
She's running out of options, time, and hope and she's grabbing at all the strangers she meets but still she wont listen.
So now she stands in the center of the road, screaming through the open windows of the cars going past. She grips the faces of the people on the pavement and shrieks at their minds and hands and hearts, begging them to help her. She scrawls in paint upon the road all her words of hurt, she writes it where everyone can see, having lost all sense of caution, but still they ignore it.

....and I sit on the wall, watching her life escaping from her hands, and I don't know what to do. I'm the stranger that listened, that reached out to try and heal her, to pull her back from the road....but stepped back instead, because I'm too damn afraid incase I mess up.
I . Can't . Help . Her

And I can't understand why they wont even try! She's finally taken the courage to ask for their help, and they're ignoring her! And still I don't know what to do.

The stranger with the open arms and the good advice better turn up soon, because that truck's going 90 miles per hour and I don't think she's gonna move.

*...All the possibility and promise just weighs on me so heavily...*
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