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Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
Well there you have it. You won't ever be proven right or wrong. That is where faith comes in. However, believing without evidence or proof is just not going to cut it. Skeptics will always want evidence and proof of something in order to believe it to be true/factual. Evidence and proof are two things that theists won't ever be able to provide.
Yes, I just said that. No one can prove God exists or that He doesn't exist, neither side has an advantage here.

I also think that, please correct me if i misinterpreted, you have basically said (throughout multiple posts) that you have an understanding of the unknown. Stating that you know/understand the unknown is a bit silly.
"Understand" wasn't the best word to use, "discover" fits the bill better.

80-90 percent of the world doesn't believe in the same god or gods.
I didn't bother to do much research, but according to this 2011 Gallup poll, 92% of Americans believe in God or some sort of higher power.

Another thing to consider is: Out of the thousands of gods created throughout history, why is any one particular god any more legitimate?
It's all about where and how you grew up. If you were born in a Muslim country and raised by Muslims, odds are you wouldn't be Christian, you would be Muslim If you were born and raised in a Hindu family, odds are you wouldn't be Christian, you would be Hindu.
You bring up a good point here. It is important to recognize that religion didn't create God, God created religion. All legitimate monotheistic churches will say the God they believe in is the same God all other monotheistic churches believe in. Religion is for interpreting what people believe God teaches, not what He is. There are not many polytheistic religions anymore, but generally all of their gods combined represent the exact same God monotheistic religions believe in. Other religions don't exactly believe in a God, but rather some sort of higher power. You don't need to be brought up in a religious family or experience religious teaching in order to discover and believe in God. I sure wasn't, my mom is atheist, and my dad, although Catholic, never had us go to Church or practice any religion at all.

On a side note, I also don't think children should be forced to believe in a certain religion. I think a lot of children, and this is huge among teenagers, become atheist/agnostic because they want to rebel from what they have been told was right for their entire lives. Its better that people are raised sans forced beliefs and allowed to discover their own beliefs, and maybe after that find a belief system that fits them.

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