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Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
Well there you have it. You won't ever be proven right or wrong. That is where faith comes in. However, believing without evidence or proof is just not going to cut it. Skeptics will always want evidence and proof of something in order to believe it to be true/factual. Evidence and proof are two things that theists won't ever be able to provide.

I also think that, please correct me if i misinterpreted, you have basically said (throughout multiple posts) that you have an understanding of the unknown. Stating that you know/understand the unknown is a bit silly.

80-90 percent of the world doesn't believe in the same god or gods.
Another thing to consider is: Out of the thousands of gods created throughout history, why is any one particular god any more legitimate?
It's all about where and how you grew up. If you were born in a Muslim country and raised by Muslims, odds are you wouldn't be Christian, you would be Muslim If you were born and raised in a Hindu family, odds are you wouldn't be Christian, you would be Hindu.
What you learn as a child will define your character and beliefs. Because the brain is growing and making tons of connections, ideas and values can be hardwired into their brains when young.
It think teaching religion to kids is not acceptable. It's basically forcing ideas upon them and forcing them to believe in something they might not want to believe in. It's basically brainwashing.
I'm glad that my parents didn't force their beliefs on me as a baby/kid. That would basically be denying my right to free beliefs.
And then the religious kids would have to live in a world where some people hate them because of it. Or live in a place where it's discriminated against.
So many wars and fighting have been brought about by religion, and I want no part of it.

I also agree with Taurus.

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