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Originally Posted by IAMWILL View Post
I don't, and neither do you. That is the idea behind faith. A teacher of mine a few years ago defined faith as "belief in the yet unseen." God can obviously be never physically proven to exist, as He does not exist in the physical world, or in our understanding of space and time for that matter. Some people argue the existence of God can be proven by logic (ie Thomas Aquina's five proofs for the existence of God) but for every argument like that there is a counter argument. So in this case, I, along with the 80-90% of the worlds population who believe in God or some sort of higher power, simply believe we are right, and no one group will ever be able to prove the other group wrong.
Well there you have it. You won't ever be proven right or wrong. That is where faith comes in. However, believing without evidence or proof is just not going to cut it. Skeptics will always want evidence and proof of something in order to believe it to be true/factual. Evidence and proof are two things that theists won't ever be able to provide.

I also think that, please correct me if i misinterpreted, you have basically said (throughout multiple posts) that you have an understanding of the unknown. Stating that you know/understand the unknown is a bit silly.

80-90 percent of the world doesn't believe in the same god or gods.
Another thing to consider is: Out of the thousands of gods created throughout history, why is any one particular god any more legitimate?
It's all about where and how you grew up. If you were born in a Muslim country and raised by Muslims, odds are you wouldn't be Christian, you would be Muslim If you were born and raised in a Hindu family, odds are you wouldn't be Christian, you would be Hindu.
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