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Originally Posted by maximan
They're obviously more intelligent than us, because first they broke through all barriers of our security, plummeted our economy into recession, made us all scared sick, then pissed all over our big egos in Aghanistan and Iraq. Osama is pretty intelligent for staying in hiding this long.
That is the most un fucking believable thing I've ever read in an excruciatingly long time. The whole concept of you propelling the idea that terrorists are quote "more intelligent than us" is asanine. I always knew you were an uncaring political whore, but this is just out of line.

I could never imagine the day when you would SUPPORT terrorism, and cast a positive light on the thousands of innocent victems called worldwide.

In no way did the terrorist attacks on September 11 destroy our economy, our hope, or our values. It made us a stronger nation.

And that picture is not an exaggeration. The American spirit was revived on an unimaginable scale. People all over our country found a new patriotic ferver and waved our flag proudly. I remember I was driving home on the freeway one time and on one of the overpass bridges that goes over the freeway there were like 50 holding up a giant US flag for all the passing cars to see. I had tears in my eyes.

And I almost have tears in my eyes now listening to you support the terrorists that murdered 3,000 innocent Americans. And believe me, there is no such thing as an "ego" when invading foreign nations and hunting for terrorists. There is pride, there is strength and determinations, but there's no "ego" and showing off. We don't need to show off the fact that America is the most powerful nation that ever strode the face of the Earth. That's already apparent. What's also apparent is your total lack of sympathy to hundreds of thousands of people world wide who fall victem to horrible terrorist attacks.

The main goal of terrorism is to create fear, destroy democracy, destroy freedom. In your post you considered terrorists as quote "more intelligent than us". Maximan that quote is astonishingly evil, and it is an attack on the wellfare of all people. It is an attack on freedom, liberty, and democracy. I am baffled that you could say such damaging words without even flinching.
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