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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

This thing is going to be hard for me because it's a really long and boring story so I'll try to sum it up.

Back in year 7 (I'm in year 11 now ) no one had told me anything was wrong. Things were going on in my head because I didn't feel right after moving in to a new school and I didn't know anything I was doing or saying. I had a history of this before the worst part actually happened but I kept chasing girls around the school saying I wanted to do stuff to them, bla bla, and none of them would talk to me after that, but I didn't know what I was actually doing wrong in the first place because my parents didn't tell me anything.

I got in really big trouble with some of the teachers because of this, called out of lesson to talk to the head of my yeargroup about it and almost got suspended. They rang my mum because obviously she needed to know about what I'd done, and I was going to meetings at that time about a possible diagnosis for a mental problem. 4 years later we find out I'm autistic, all of the problems are over with and I'm actually talking to the girls again now but for a while I couldn't think of what to do and they all thought I was a pervert so I lied about being bisexual to try and get some of them off my back. But for some reason I started watching gay things instead and I have actually turned into more of a bisexual than a straight person. I don't mind, I'm happy this way, even if I get boners at the most embarassing times, even had one in the changing room for P.E before :@ I can put up with it though because hardly anyone notices. This is how I found that out.

And this also had something to do with it:
I used to be obsessed with Genie In The House, went on the website all the time and posted things (And I even made a rap that got voiced by one of the actors!! ). One day I was on it and a porn site came up as a popup and the first thing I clicked on was toys, somehow thinking it meant the things kids get to play with THEN I clicked on gay to see what they were like and after watching some of them I guess it just... happened.
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