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Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
Atheism is in the top 5 demographics in the world. Do you realize how small a percentage you have met?
Source? Of course I understand I have only met a small percentage, but are you familiar with statistical hypothesis testing/confidence intervals? I will do and explain an experiment for you if you'd like. Let me remind you again though that throughout this entire discussion I have been mainly talking about teenagers who consider themselves atheist.

I personally have a very high understanding of many different theologies, but I still view the Christian god as a soggy, old, sad, childish fart who almost certainly doesn't exist.
By that description you don't seem to have a good understanding of God, but at this point you clearly don't want to hear about it anymore.

Originally Posted by naglfari View Post
did you know abraham and moses never existed and jesus's entire story is ripped off from horus.
Even if true, that has zero effect on my religious views. You do not need the Bible to understand God, or to live a completely ethical and moral life - all of that can be done through reason alone. The Bible is mostly a history book, and most of the events that take place in the New Testament have been historically verified as accurate by secular scholars and different sources from the time of Jesus. As for the Old Testament, I really do not pay attention to it.

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