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Oh don't be sorry, I wasn't expecting you to agree. But to address your view, consider this: out of the probably 150-200 atheists/agnostics I have met, I can only think of 3 or 4 who had a good understanding of God and religion and yet still retained their views. Now of course, there is a possibility that the low percentage I've observed was due to chance, but it is a very, very small chance. The amount of people who simply do not understand God and think of Him as some guy floating in the sky who crafted all females out of a rib bone and other stuff like that is huge. People think that if you believe in God, you have to believe in creationism and disregard science. They couldn't be more wrong. I'm not saying here that if everyone understood God, a much less amount of people would not be atheist/agnostic, but I am certain that more people would be open minded about it. There is simply a huge amount of people who are completely close minded to God, who never give it a chance, but I believe if they did, it would chance many views.
did you know abraham and moses never existed and jesus's entire story is ripped off from horus.

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