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Originally Posted by Hunter_Steel View Post
Science cannot suggest God's Existance, because Science cannot prove the supernatural or above exist because there is no "hardcore" evidance to support it. SCIENCE CANNOT PROVE EVERYTHING. Faith is all I need to prove his existance. Experiments cannot prove it because why?

God WILL NOT show himself to those that profane him, nor to those that believe he can be shown through science. Find a way to open a gate to heaven through science, or prove the existance of souls in science, and we can talk again. Souls exist, otherwise our bodies would be brain dead. What happens after death? 1 of 3 things. We walk the earth for eternity in ghostly form, or we go to heaven or we go to hell. Simple as that.

Your science, cannot prove the existance of demons, dragons or anything like that. Simply because science requires evidence and experiments to get anything right. Which is very limited. IMO, its retarded how limited science is. And how closed minded it makes people.

My only reply to that is: Faith, overrides Science. And Creation does exist. Look at the oldest parts of the Earth, the Universe, and also Mars and Venus. If you find evidence to support that humans and apes are the same, then your welcome to show it. But I still say, evolution = bunch of crap
big bang = crap

Once your science becomes less limited, it can become viable. But since its so limited and closed minded, I can see why most religious people dismiss many things from Science.

By definition, faith is belief without evidence. Science is all about evidence. Religious people are like sheep. Saying that "faith overrides science" is saying "no evidence overrides evidence". Hopefully you can see how ridiculous your statements are. Go read a book.
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