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Originally Posted by Hunter_Steel View Post
I don't believe in evolution. Nothing wrong with me, but to me, the evidence shown is not enough for evolution to take place.

Simple point of view. I have my religion, there's more than enough evidence to support God's existance. Again, its not a closed minded point of view. It takes an open mind to believe in something that cannot be seen or heard, and that to some doesn't have enough evidence to exist. Well, I believe in that being, and I can't see why anyone else should say I am closed minded.

Would you mind presenting your evidence for your god's existence? This means multiple pieces of heavily researched material. The evidence must include, but is not limited to: multiple conformations by scientists in a wide range of fields, physical evidence, documented observations over the course of many years, multiple heavily detailed experiments which have reproducible results, and a list of reputable scientific sources who are highly recognized in their fields of study.
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