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Default Note from my friend who committed suicide :(

My friend committed suicide 3 years ago, well 3 years in july, and his mom just now found a note in this secret department type thing in his desk. I dont know really how to explain the area, but she hasnt really touched anything in his room happened.. because even though its been so long, she doesnt want any change. But anyway, she found a note that was some sort of suicide note, that i guess he was hiding and planning on using, but never did. Whats killing me isnt just that she found a note, that he mentioned my name in it. :( He said i was such a good friend, the only one he knew he could tell anything to and wouldnt judge, and that he loved me. I might have stopped crying today for like 3 minutes tops. I just dont know how to feel. Im so worried this is going to get me back into my depression state again which i really dont want. Ive finally been dealing with this for a while and i've been so strong, leading me to be so proud of myself. Ugh. I just dont know. I miss him and i want him back. I dont know how to feel...i just... i dont know. :cry:


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