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Many Atheists attack religious people about their religions. I having suffered some mental, physical and emotional attacks about being Christian by MANY Atheists agree with IAMWILL. They do not understand religion. If they did, they would not attack me. So why do they attack me if they understand me?

Secondly: Talking Snakes, yeah, in god's eyes, anything is possible. The impossible is possible, and with god, there is no such thing as impossible. Just different degrees of possibility.

Also, being closed-minded? It takes an open mind to believe in something that cannot be seen or heard by the average person. Just because I may not like gay people, doesn't make me closed minded. I can be open minded about space travel, and be closed minded that the shark ever existed. Being open minded to one thing, means being closed minded to another. Unless you believe both are possible in which case you can be open minded to ALL.

Atheists think themselves as open minded, but the ones that hate religion, are the ones that are closed minded and ignorant. And they don't base their facts upon real facts, they just base it on feelings. I've seen this myself. Usually fun to see how people react when I tell them I am a reformed christian. Many Atheists have reacted just the same, others thought that if its my decision, then so be it. It doesn't effect them in any way and I respect their decision to be atheist.

I dismiss the big bang, but I don't dismiss the possibility of something similar to it. I dismiss evolution completely as a bunch of crap.

In this world, religious people are having a hard time, the ones that pray to God and Alah completely. But the ones that pray to Budda or to cows are not rediculed. Because they are very peaceful.

The one thing I have noticed that comes from many atheists, teenage and adult is:
Religion controls people and causes war and doesn't cause peace.

On the contrary, Religion doesn't start war, or control people, or causes chaos. Its the people that uses religion to do so. Religion is the most powerful weapon on the planet, but also the most powerful tool for bringing people together and making peace.

That is what I have to say to this.


I'm 17, Bi, Reformed Christian, mostly open minded and a friendly guy.
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