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Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
Whether or not you felt you were smug is irrelevant. Your post carried with it an air of smug superiority.

Let's get back to your original post. You make it seem as though you bask in this overwhelming glow of knowledge because you have "studied" religion. You belittle atheists and claim that atheists "do not understand religion" and therefore are all "utterly lost and very ignorant". I also love how you edited your original post to show yourself in a better light.
Are you ever going to answer my question? Please stop avoiding it, this is the third time I asked you.

Your view of my post carrying a "smug superiority" is completely subjective, I don't think many people would agree with you that it carries an air to it as you describes. I believe you created that out of your apparent dislike of religion and seemingly myself.

But I'll play along. Firstly, I didnt edit my first post, so I'm not sure what you are looking at. It would say "Last edited by IAMWILL at ...." If I did. Secondly, my post was talking mainly about teenage atheists, not all atheists. Its is a fact that a higher percentage of teenagers consider themselves atheist/agnostic, and I was explaining why I find that to be so. Thirdly, you misinterpreted my post. I said the reason many people are atheist is because they do not understand religion. I did not say that all atheists do not understand religion. Bethany, in her response to my original post, agreed with me, but also made the point that some people completely understand religion and still don't believe in it, which I agree with. I also did not say all atheists are "utterly lost and ignorant." I said people who believe Christians base everything off the Bible and such are utterly lost and ignorant, because for one to hold that belief they would have to reject what the Church itself will tell you, and in doing so are being ignorant. I hold myself in no higher regard than someone who has not studied religion, but I will say that I am better educated in the field. That is a fact.

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