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Originally Posted by IAMWILL View Post
I think one of the biggest reasons there are a lot of atheists and agnostics (especially among teenagers) is because they do not understand religion and religious teachings/where they originate from. People who say "Christians base everything off the Bible" or "Religious people don't believe in science and hate gays" and such are utterly lost and very ignorant. I used to be atheist, but once I took the time to actually learn about religion and religious teachings, I came to understand it. So many people are quick to dismiss anyone who identifies as religious and hold themselves in a higher view because they believe they have it all figured out. Sadly, its often the exact opposite.
I agree with this to an extent. I feel like there are (especially when speaking of teenagers), two categories of non-religious people: the people who simply don't believe in god/deities and those whose non-religion is primarily motivated by a dislike of a religion (thinking it's close-minded, the people are close-minded, it's old-fashioned,etc). The people who simply don't believe there is a deity (speaking from my individual experience - I'm an atheist who loves researching religion) could learn about religion all day and still not believe it. But those whose nonreligious affiliation is primarily motivated by dislike for a religion may become religious after learning firsthand about the religion.

So, yeah, I agree with this to an extent in the teenage population, because I find that a lot of teenagers are nonreligious because they think of religions as closed-minded or old-fashioned. But if 100% of people read the entirety of the Koran, for example, the population wouldn't be 100% Muslim, because there are also people who simply don't believe in a deity (like me! haha).
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