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all hail adam, he has seen the truth for what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my grandma hid a jewish child in poland during WWII and she doesnt know if he ived, one day they just had to leave, and she sued to have to sleep in the fields at night to be safe form th raids form the people form chocaslovakia, they only came at night, she had to travel all around and eventually escaped to the us, she now resides in michegan. now take her story, and apply it to the iraqis, htis is the kind of shit that theyd have to go through to be safe.

oh and a note to cosmos and nwshc, you are the most prejudice people i have ever talked to, they are PEOPLE, most of the terrorists are FORCED or BRAINWASHED. you have been BRAINWASHED apparantly. they are living, breathing, ntelligent people just like you and me, i take that bakc, me, you are just a filthy prejudice whore.
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