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Default Re: *** Official Female Puberty Survey ***

Please fill in as many answers as you can, thank you.

Your Body:

Age:15 dont look it or act it nor do i usually hang with people my age
Bra Size
Shoe Size:6.5-7.5 depends
Build: ugh...slim with curves
Height: 5'2 or taller. im just short
BMI: 21 - give or take a tenth


Have you started puberty? yup
-At what age? 11
--Do you think you were early or late at starting? early
Are you happy with your breast size? eh not really
-What do you think is your ideal size? C they are too big for my body
--What do you think the average size is for girls your age? B-C
Have you compared yourself with other girls your are? constantly


Have you had sex with someone? yea
-Did you enjoy it? hahaha no
--Do you regret it? most definately
If you haven’t had sex, at what age to you plan to have sex?----
-Will you wait until you are married?---
What types of sex have you tried? normal i guess
Would you show your boobs If a guy asked you to? i have been asked many of times. it rarely happends. im a tease
Do you have a boyfriend? nope!
Have you kissed someone? apparently too many people


Do You masturbate? not really
How often? hardly ever
Do you orgasm? not with myself no
Do you use any objects to help you? nah dont do it enough
When did you start? middle school
What do you think about while masturbating? hmm good question. ill get back to you on that one
Do you tell your friends that you do it? never asked
-What do they think?---
Have you ever masturbated with anyone else? no sounds kinky though


Do you look at porn? i have
If so, what types? all sorts. it was on my brothers computer
Have you ever been caught looking at porn? im a spy
Do you masturbate while looking at porn? nah. pictures arent enough for me

Sexual Orientation:

Are you straight, lesbian, bi-sexual, or curious? im most definately curious leanig to the bi side
If straight, do you think homosexuality is ok? more than ok
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend? genuine love
Have you ever had a relationship? yes too many
If so how long? year long
Did you ever cheat on this person? haha yes
-Did they find out? yea i told them
--How did they react? well im single
---Has this taught you a lesson? dont drnk around atttractive people

People & Places:

Do you have sleepovers with friends? yea
Do you compare boob sizes to friends? always
Have you been seen naked by family members, by friends? yea and yea
Do your parents give you birth control? noo way. my dad thinks im an angel


Was this survey good? yea up close and personal
Is there anything else you would like to add? nah tht takes brain power
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