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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Penis Size Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by midnighttoker1337 View Post
ok guys, first post here, gonna make it good.

i am 16 years old, 5'5, 124 pounds, and i take a size 10 if that matters.
None of it does, really...penis size doesn't correlate with weight (unless you're obese), penis size, height, or anything but development stage.

Originally Posted by midnighttoker1337 View Post
i am well into puberty, i have some facial hair, body hair, etc.

i am 4.5 inches erect, which is still small, but im not really worried about that.

what i AM worried about is how thin it is... it always bothered me, when will it start to get thicker?
It's usually the last thing to develop when it comes to penis size. If you've seen growth in length but not girth, it's probably coming. Don't worry too much about it.


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