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Originally Posted by justinmb98 View Post
I'm upset right now because I learned I have a "skin bridge" as a result of a bad care for circumcision. Should I be worried about this?

Also, I literally just learned a few months ago that I was circumcised (having been so used to it, I never realized it), and many people say it's a bad thing to do and a lot of circumcised men are restoring their foreskin - I've had no problems with it or my skin bridge, so I'm confused.

A skin bridge can be easily fixed by a doctor, and you might be more comfortable
having it fixed.

There is a lot of propaganda out there about the supposed evils of circumcision.
"Many" people is more like a few saying it over and over. The vast majority of
circumcised men are happy with it, or at least are not unhappy with it. I've heard
of a few guys who went through "restoration" and then didn't like it and had themselves
circumcised all over again.
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