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#1) Its a THEAORY. Some stuff could be right and wrong. I have no idea if it has been proved or not tho.
#2) How could you discreadit science? For all we know, the Bible could have been writen by some group of people sky high on drugs or something. In science, there are sources that you could check on.

I did a whole science project on Darwin, and to everything i did reasearch on, his theory works perfectly fine.

Birds have adapted to their enviornment. If a bird flys to a new island with a new kind of food that is very plentiful, it will adapt to eat that food and its beak will change, etc. to eat that food.

If you discreadit Darwin then you must belive that EVERYONE on this earth came about from Adam and Eve.
"How would a bird pass this long-term plan to the millions of generations in order to keep the lighter bone plan progressing?"
How would just one couple form all 6 billion ( i think it is) of us? After about 10 kids a woman is just about spent.
I hope that made sence, cuz im very tired right now and cant think.
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