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See, I have been interested in this kind of subject for a while, the groups which society as deemed evil and have been throuwn in a dark cornor for no futher discution. A lot of them say EXACTLY the same thing just change a few words "just being around the animal/child/plant/etc makes me happy." This is because they are really in the same boat. These are people borm a certain way, or developed feelings at some point for something not generally accepted, and they did not make themselves that way, thats the way they are. But instead dealing with them, society ignores them, makes no attempt to get them to join the crowd, they just wait till the people do something that society deems wrong so they can through them in jail. I admit going to some of these sites at times I get upset by it, but I understand I am not able to understand and relate with everything, but right or wrong these are groups that deserve to be recognized, supported and helped if there is a need. The problem is we have made society with no place for these groups to fit in, and we need to change society so that they can be part of the crowd.
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