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That's okay - it's understandable that young people will be attracted to other young people. It's like 40-year-old men being attracted to 20-year-olds - it's a normal thing. And sometimes women like older men. Perhaps you will grow out of it. I have an attraction to animals too - that's why I started this poll, to see what people think of it - but I've never acted on my impulses, probably because I haven't had the opportunity.

As for you not wanting to hurt animals - well, that is your decision. I don't believe it is animal abuse (although the law may not necessarily agree) - there is quite a convincing article here: But I am grateful in a sense because just being with animals that I am attracted to makes me happy: I enjoy the company of a cat much more than most people do, which could be seen as a good thing. But you set your own guidelines and stick to them, so that is great.

It saddens me to see that society largely sees zoophiles as freaks who, have had sex with an animal, should be put into the same category as murderors and rapists. Because bestiality (in the UK at least) is a criminal activity, no different from any other, for which the maximum penalty is life imprisonment. That sends the message that the UK government would rather you dealt cannabis (and got a 14-year sentence) than had sex with your dog, in your house, with no-one else around, not harming anybody. It is a shame that throughout history, society as a whole has demonstrated unequivocally that it punishes things it does not understand and is afraid of, and it is evident that society is still just as bad today.
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