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Originally Posted by boognish
big problem, the whole bush lied. people lied to bush bush believed bush told. we are not taking oil. if we were wouldnt the gas prices be down? bush didnot use the media. how the hell would he have pulled that off? he has no control over the media plus most of the media is against him, so how i ask you?
and none of the iraqis are "innocent" to be "innocent" they would be against the insergents. against the people that kill, maim, and torture them. but time and time again a family of iraqis are protecting, feeding, nutruing the same people that they want out. when we first went to iraq everyone was thankful we got there. the further along we got, the more the insurgents convinced people we were bad. the unarmed peoples are just as bad as the armed, because the unarmed "look" harmless all the while hiding 20 people willing to blow themselves up to defend the beliefs of some crazy god. and dont go saying that we can talk with the iraqis. muslims, really muslims believe that anyone that isnt a muslim should die and go to hell faster. the iraqi people grew up and only know to kill other people. does anyone here know how "leaders" are chosen in the middle east? well when one leader "dies" another man comes and kills off all opposition and sets his family in the old ones place. death, blood and carnage is the olny thoughts, feelings and actions the iraqis know. you cant talk to a mna that is more than willing to strap 90 pounds of TNT to his chest. is complete
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