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I voted for option B, which is probably no suprise. You know I usually dont split apart people's posts like this, but im feeling good about myself right now.

Both Hitler and Bush were elected, but not by majority. In bush�s case, he ran against Gore and took lesser votes than Gore, but still won the term in office.
If you don't like the way the founding fathers wrote the constitution go suck it

The Reichstag Fire was an attack on Germany from one German to the country. It was an act of rebelion and inflicted heavy damage on Germany.
Hitler himself started the Richstag fire so he could then blame it on the communists and gain more support for himself

Bush has made it so many people in this country, will be afraid if they were next to a muslim
BS, noone is afraid of muslims like you say, and its not like its Bush's doing. there are tons of muslims at my school, is anyone scared? of course not

Such as Bush told America that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which they didnt have
although that wasnt the case, he wasnt lying. to lie he had to withold the truth, which is absolutely impossible for you to prove

But what we are doing is depleting there oil.
Congratulations, if you ever go onto OPEC's website and read some of their statistics you will find that Iraq is producing less oil since the war started than they were before we were there.

We are taking oil that is not ours. Just how Germany took land that is not theirs.
wrong, were taking oil that is ours. its the same amount of oil weve been taking for decades. were not like the only country who they export oil to. oil is their entire economy, and it gets shipped all over the world legally

These people were innocent civilians but Hitler killed them. As America is fighting its wars, we are hurting and killing innocent people
It was hitlers public policy to exterminate the jews. he made speeches in front of his country detailing his final solution. when was the last time you saw george bush on tv explaining that the entire goal of our government is to kill civilians? thats right, never

America broke the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Biological Weapons Convention, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Convention on the Prohibition of Land Mines, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Kyoto Global Warming Accord, and the International Criminal Court
america can do whatever the fuck it wants. almost every single important international treaty was written by us anyways. you know theres nothing you can do about us either

Germans inflicted mass killing ratios just as Bush is doing. For every one American dead in Iraq, there is fourty Iraqi's killed by Americans.
I see this as a compliment, all your emphasizing is our efficient, powerful, and deadly army. thanks

Bush has made it today so if you see a Muslim today, you will automaticly think it is a terrorist
Explain to me how one could pull off such a feat. and its no secret that like every single terrorist IS muslim. dont you understand? not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslim. Think for a moment, when was the last time youve ever heard of a terrorist attack in any country during your whole life that didnt involve people of the Islamic religion?

Bush convinced America saying Hussein is related to Iraq when he clearly had no connection.
I know you probably didnt mean this, because OF COURSE HES CONNECTED TO IRAQ HE WAS THEIR DICTATOR

Concentration camps were used in Poland to hold the Jews captive and kill off outragius numbers of them. In these interogation camps it has been released that at least 20 people have been killed.
HOw can you compare the deaths of 20 people to those 4 million deaths that happened at Auschwitz alone?

Sorry i had to dissect your post like that, but i feel that your post was an attack on my country (which i must defend)
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