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Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
I have masturbated with a lube condom and it's actually pretty fun The lube is GREAT, much better than vaseline

As far as masturbating and you're circumcised, circumcised guys couldn't really tell you, since that's all they know. I've read articles and stories about after getting circumcised, the guys were unhappy with it. See, your foreskin glides on your head (which is the most sensitive part of the penis), and makes the feeling so much more intense. Without foreskin, you won't have much stimulation on the head.

Uncut guys, try this: masturbate to orgasm with your foreskin back - this is as close to being cut as you can get.
I want to masturbate with a condom but I am too young to buy one because I am 14 1/2. My dad won't give me a condom and I know he has to have some I the house somewhere. I found a box that belongs to my mom and I found a vibratory and wet lube and other things in it, but no condoms. Any idea where he would hide them? I want to masturbate with a condom because I hear it feels great. Btw, they are not in his drawers because I all ready looked in his medicine cabinet and his drawers and I found playboys which I am allowed to read in his drawers
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