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Default Re: The Feeling of Being Circumcised

Originally Posted by Dolphus Raymond View Post
Before I start, I'm not going to argue with you about circumcision (so there's no reason to report my post or anything), but I am going to argue with your treatment of "information."

That's a lot more opinion than it is information, unless you consider one single anecdotal example fact. You also are effectively saying "all claims that there are any benefits to being uncircumcised are bullshit. I know from personal experience." It's completely intellectually dishonest to dismiss a quantitative scientific study in favor of one person's perception, and then present it as fact. You know this. I don't know why you choose to do it anyway.

But anyway...

I definitely think that "circumcision removes all the feeling in sex!" is one of the dumbest, most unsupported claims that anti-circumcision people make. There are valid reasons to want to be uncircumcised. Maybe it does avoid sensitivity decrease/keratinization. But sex is still enjoyable. There are also valid reasons to want to be circumcised too. Scaring people out of it, or making them feel bad, on the basis of one study, is also wrong.

I'm against infant circumcision, but scaring adults out of making their own choice with handpicked studies is useless. No one should rush into this decision. They should have all of the facts. Neither this study nor SAM's post comes anywhere close to "all of the facts."

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My purpose here isn't to argue with you, Alcon (oh, and there's no reason to SHOUT my name, only the 'S' needs to be capitalized). You've clearly got your own very personal agenda going on here that frankly, based on a few recent posts seems to be in total disregard for reality. No, my point isn't argumentative or to debate you (or anyone else) but to provide info based on actual experience, rather than hand picked 'info' that supports a pre existing perception. What you and the anti circ crowd does is frankly hideous. Fright tactics are really reprehensible, and your very clever way of presenting your opinon as fact is equally so. Simply acknowledging some things only after making your point doesn't change that, either.

It's unfortunate that you accept what you've heard out there only if you agree with it, however, you're free to dismiss my actual experience as 'anecdotal' if you wish. But, for those with open minds (and who are unsure of themselves), I'd like to think that one person's experience is worth a thousand propaganda website's opinions. Again, my point isn't argumentative, it's to reassure guys based on actual experience. Remember, having been uncut I was a part of your 'club' for awhile, too. I'm pretty objective.

Find me that person who says it's different based on their own experience. Until then, please, make it clear that your's is merely opinion.. What you're doing here is really unacceptable.

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