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Default Re: The Feeling of Being Circumcised

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
Yes, this is most certainly a post that should have rested in peace! It is filled with a lot of untruths, half truths, and statements that should make their authors embarassed at their display of insecurity!

As one who has been cut at 15, and speaking from some experience, there's not much of a difference in pleasure with that little, itty bitty piece of skin, regardless of the zillions of nerve cells or the 'gliding action' or any of the other really delicious sounding yet hollow things you might have heard. A penis is a penis is a penis. There isn't a distinguishable quality that is associated with either foreskin or circumcision. All you feel is gooooooooooooooooood.

I don't doubt that out there on the planet somewhere is someone who has been circumcised who absolutely hates it, as I'm sure there are probably a lot of guys who don't like their foreskins. But, I'd like to talk with them and find out what it is they're really responding to that they object to. We're all built the same way, our physiology is the same, their feeling experience cannot be THAT much different than my own.

Again, informational, not argumentative. There's not much of a difference, speaking from first hand experience.
Before I start, I'm not going to argue with you about circumcision (so there's no reason to report my post or anything), but I am going to argue with your treatment of "information."

That's a lot more opinion than it is information, unless you consider one single anecdotal example fact. You also are effectively saying "all claims that there are any benefits to being uncircumcised are bullshit. I know from personal experience." It's completely intellectually dishonest to dismiss a quantitative scientific study in favor of one person's perception, and then present it as fact. You know this. I don't know why you choose to do it anyway.

But anyway...

I definitely think that "circumcision removes all the feeling in sex!" is one of the dumbest, most unsupported claims that anti-circumcision people make. There are valid reasons to want to be uncircumcised. Maybe it does avoid sensitivity decrease/keratinization. But sex is still enjoyable. There are also valid reasons to want to be circumcised too. Scaring people out of it, or making them feel bad, on the basis of one study, is also wrong.

I'm against infant circumcision, but scaring adults out of making their own choice with handpicked studies is useless. No, they shouldn't rush into the decision. They should have all of the facts. Neither this study nor SAM's post comes anywhere close to "all of the facts."

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"I don't believe in magic. But I do believe in interpreting coincidence exactly the way you want to." -Sherman Alexie

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