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Default My Speech From English Class (Hitler-Bush)

Ok my speech may seem long but ull be entertained when ur reading it... dont worry... And i had this go along with a Powerpoint... so if it ever says like, as seen in this picture... i was refering to the background... and i think i took all parts of it out but there may be 1... and yeah...

My Speech today is on How George W. Bush follows Adolf Hitler's Tactics and why he should be removed from office.

You may be saying to yourself. Adam, come on. Comparing a man like hitler to our president. Its unheard of. But what lies in the facts make this comparison clear. Hitler and Bush both had many things in common with there tactics and ways of running the country.

Here are a few comparisons.

Both Hitler and Bush were elected, but not by majority. In bush�s case, he ran against Gore and took lesser votes than Gore, but still won the term in office.

Both Men have had a sneak attack on them. As we all know, 9/11 was a sneak attack against America. America had to go through a tough time repairing from the losses. The Reichstag Fire was an attack on Germany from one German to the country. It was an act of rebelion and inflicted heavy damage on Germany.

Both rely heavily on propiganda. There are many movies that Hitler showed the German soliers about Jews. Making them look really bad and like scum. President Bush uses many tactics to control the country. His propiganda methods mainly involve the news. Bush has made it so many people in this country, will be afraid if they were next to a muslim. As said yesterday, all of you with the exception of Mr. Gallagher, you would feel scared if you saw a muslim on the same plane as you.

Shock and awe is a big tactic used by both Hitler and Bush. They use an example that will shock the enemy and hit them hard. This was a tactic Hitler used which later, Bush used in the war in Iraq and Afganistan.

Both Repeat lies over and over and over untill people actualy believe that they are true. Such as Bush told America that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which they didnt have. And Hitler told Germany that Jews were the root of their problem, which was not true. But he repeated it over and over that people believed that it is true.

When Hitler said to Germany, we have a big threat and must eliminate them, people took it seriously. But that threat he said once, was Poland. Poland was not a threat to them at all. And neither is Iraq to America. But we are in there making it our buisness. You may be saying, Germany took Poland for land and living space, America is not doing that. But what we are doing is depleting there oil. We are taking oil that is not ours. Just how Germany took land that is not theirs.

In war, they both had many fronts. We all started with one, but then moved to more. Germany had Russia on one side, France on another, America comming in too, and they were in a squeeze. America started with one front, but then moved on to have many more. We now have Iraq, Afganistan, and starting one in North Korea.

They both attacked a country to take something from them. Where Germany took land from Poland and other places, America is taking oil from Iraq.

Germany Had a holocaust to kill all the Jews, gypsys, and many more people. These people were innocent civilians but Hitler killed them. As America is fighting its wars, we are hurting and killing innocent people. As in a few news articles, is shows we are injuring civilians but are not paying for hospital bills.

Treaties are signed to help the country out in time of war. Germany had treaties preventing them from going to war with Russia and war in general. But these treaties were all broken, just as America broke the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Biological Weapons Convention, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Convention on the Prohibition of Land Mines, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Kyoto Global Warming Accord, and the International Criminal Court. All these treaties were scrapped by Bush.

Germans inflicted mass killing ratios just as Bush is doing. For every one American dead in Iraq, there is fourty Iraqi's killed by Americans.

Hitler Convinced Germany that Jews are the root of their problems. Is Bush not doing that to Muslims today?

Not only are they the root of our problems, but Bush has made it today so if you see a Muslim today, you will automaticly think it is a terrorist. Just when they are normal civilians like you.

Bush convinced America saying Hussein is related to Iraq when he clearly had no connection.

Concentration camps were used in Poland to hold the Jews captive and kill off outragius numbers of them. In Iraq today there are concentration camps. They is one in Abu Gharib and in Guantanamo. And many inteogation camps everywhere.

In these interogation camps it has been released that at least 20 people have been killed.

And it has also been released that 20 more Iraqi's were killed of reasons to be anounced in the future. Which still havent been released.

My presentation shows that how Bush follows the ways of Hitler and acts upon it. But when history repeats itself, do we notice? And why do we realize we have a man in office who acts just like one of the hated person in this world. So my presentation shows why Bush should be taken out of office, because if not, it may be to late.

This is my speech in english.... does ne1 else see where im comming from?
I researched this for a few weeks and im like wow... this could make a good debate speech in english class.... so yeah

Do u all agree with what i am saying?

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