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I'm not sure if you want us to comment on what you wrote, or how you wrote it. I'm commenting on what you wrote because its way more serious then format and all that other crap.

"A note, which will kill me once, but will kill others time and time again"
You obviously know how seriously it will affect everyone else. It doesn't go away. It's not something that a week after they will just be able to go on with their daily lives. It will stick with them for the rest of their life. They will think about it so much, they'll think about what they could have done, they'll look at past actions and see if thats what led you to it, they'll take the blame somehow. My would-have-been-grandmother killed herself, my mother still 27 years later, hurt by this. She still believes that she could have done something, she still believes that it's her fault about her mother's death. Please, don't think I'm trying to lecture you or anything, that's not my intentions.

I agree with what Mute said, if you are serious about suicide, go out and seek help before it's too late. You CAN feel better, there is a normal life out there, a happy life where there aern't any suicidal thoughts lurking in every corner.

Take Care.

--Sorry, again, this isn't meant to be a lecture, just what I think about it.

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