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wow a lot of people dont know much about drugs now do they

if he does weed thats very minor

you cant talk him out of trust me it doesnt work people try to talk me out of it all the time

my friends are always worried about me and my safety just like you are to your cousin

your cousin might have a reason for doing drugs and he might do them cause there fun to do like me

he cousin will be ok if he just does weed its when you start mixing drugs like taking acid and vikaden most people dont no that vikaden is a very addicting drug and many people get addicted to it i know a kid who took about 10 everyday until his friends realized that he was getting weaker he had no care in life and he was hanging on to life by a thread

that probably makes it seem like your cousin is gonna die but very few people die from smoking weed

if you try and tell your cousin that you hate the fact that he smokes then your relationship is going to grow further and further apart
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