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Default Zoning out before a cut

I have this friend. her name is Lindsey. For one of the Mod's, or anybody who knows what I'm talking about... I do this too, and i was wondering why. When im zoning out right before i cut, i see things. I can't describe it... I hear things tapping on my window, i see people on my stairs.

Im actually freaking myself out writing this. I was wondering if anybody else does this?

When im talking to her and she's zoning out, she scares me because she's a whole different person. She told me when she cuts it's like she see's it through somebod else's eyes. She's watching herself cut.

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You said I wanted attention,
You could never understand,
Spend one day in my shoes
And we’ll just see how bad you lose,
Watch myself die, as I look you in the eye
All just before you say “Good bye”,
-Paul, 15 y/o
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