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Someday you will find me,
Dead, alone, lying in a puddle of crimson red,
The one thing which kept me alive and put me to rest,
You will find a note upon my chest
A note, which will kill me once, but will kill others time and time again
Here is that note
A note which brings the worst of news
The same note, which lies upon my chest, is the same note, which will kill me just that once
I leave you with this… the meaning of life
The meaning of life is this, one thing…
I lost that one thing, that one thing, my friend… is happiness.

-Let me know what you think

You said I wanted attention,
You could never understand,
Spend one day in my shoes
And we’ll just see how bad you lose,
Watch myself die, as I look you in the eye
All just before you say “Good bye”,
-Paul, 15 y/o
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